The solution to writer’s block2 min read

The solution to writer’s block2 min read

Stop believing in it. It’s not real. It doesn’t exist.

If you sit down and stare at a blank canvas, something will happen.  If that thing isn’t writing, it is because you are either (in order of likelihood):

  1. Scared
  2. Unmotivated
  3. Suffering from cognitive impairment

I will address these conditions in reverse order and share the solution to each of them.


If you suffer from cognitive impairment, seek medical advice. This takes precedence over “writer’s block” under any circumstances. Once your team of medical professionals deals with the impairment, sit back down and move on to:


If you find yourself unmotivated, write down the three things you are most passionate about in this world. If you aren’t writing about one of them, start. If you write those three things down and don’t have a single idea of what you should be writing about, you aren’t living in the same world all the rest of us inhabit. Go back to step one. Otherwise consider that you are simply:


If can’t write because you are scared, hello. I’ve been you. Exchange the word can’t for the word won’t. Examine what you are afraid of and tell it to fuck off. Please feel free to replace the invective with something that appeals to you. But realize you’re wasting time. Meanwhile, telling whatever you’re scared of to go blow is the only way to move past the word can’t and realize fear of failure isn’t an excuse. True passion always trumps fear. Cowards are what they are because of choices they have made.

Writer’s block is an excuse to fail. If you heart beats for the stories you to tell, stare at the canvas until your hands start moving and your brain starts pouring words. If it doesn’t happen, you’re not a storyteller.

I wrote this to myself, but I hope it helps you, unknown reader who wants to be reborn a writer.

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