Next year is going to be very different1 min read

Next year is going to be very different1 min read

I’ve been mostly quiet in 2015. There are a variety of reasons for that. I’m not going to get into details. That’s not the point of this post. This post is, in military parlance, a warning order.

If you follow me on social media, subscribe to my newsletter, or are otherwise in contact with me, prepare yourself. I’ll lose a few of you in the coming year. It’s what happens when the volume gets turned up. I also intend to grow my audience by orders of magnitude.

Here’s how I am going to do it:

  • Share my original content here frequently
  • Share the most interesting, thought provoking, and horizon expanding content I come across often on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other channels
  • Reach out more often to my fan base – expect random notes based on what I see you doing with your own personal brand.

I am making 2016 a year of explosive, positive growth. I hope you’ll join me. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two along the way. I know I’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the things you are going to teach me.

Please share the amazing stories and authors you find with me. Share the dreamers and the visionaries. Let’s build an awesome 2016 together.



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