It just feels like a waste of time2 min read

It just feels like a waste of time2 min read

The political system in the United States is broken

I watched the first presidential debate of 2016 last night. Gross.

Why do I have to choose between a shady, back-room power deals career politician and a shady, back-room power deals career businessman? Both of them are liars. Both of them are flip-floppers. Both of them are power hungry. These are not qualities I can support in a leader.

Every logical fallacy I am aware of was at play in the debate last night. These two individuals are not the best choices to lead the United States for the next four years. We shouldn’t have to choose between two paragons of fail. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not root causes. They are not the disease. They are the symptoms of a bigger problem.

The virus of the two-party system, where all opinions are slowly silenced until there are only two voices left. A system of decision making that offers only two choices is not healthy. The debate last night didn’t offer any real dialog about the problems average Americans face. It didn’t offer any real perspectives. That’s because, in the United States, minorities who aren’t bought are still silenced. That’s the real problem.

If you’re a socially progressive and fiscally conservative, like I am, there isn’t a real choice. If you believe politicians should be honest and responsible, you don’t have a real choice this election cycle. If you think government should operate transparently, always choosing to balance personal liberties with social infrastructure that demands personal responsibility, neither of these two is palatable.

They will both hoard power. They will both continue the vast, non-transparent, morally bankrupt security state we’ve been building since Sept. 11, 2001. We’ll keep using drones to extra-judicially murder those who, real or imagined, represent some sort of threat to this nation-state. All of our options will continue being boiled down into soundbites that lack any true substance. I can’t vote for that. I won’t vote for it. I don’t want to build a wall, and I don’t want to create more failed states like Libya and Syria in the name of the American people.

We owe it to ourselves to destroy the two-party system that offered up these two as our best hope for turning the ship before it collides with an iceberg named mediocrity.

I asked my girlfriend to register to vote. “It just feels like a waste of time,” she said. She’s right.

Until we manage to destroy the two-party system, this country is going to continue its downhill trajectory. It doesn’t matter which party wins in the upcoming election. The problem isn’t the candidates, it’s the system that offered them up as saviors.

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2 Replies to “It just feels like a waste of time2 min read

  1. It is a waste of time. Even if every one of us who really care about justice, who really care about people, who care enough to actually put aside our biases and do real research were to vote, it doesn’t matter. We are too little too late. We are too few in numbers. The masses of ignorant men and women outnumber us by hordes and refuse to listen to anything other than their own selfish emotions. There is no hope in this, or any other man-made system. They all end the same way. It’s also a waste of time because I strongly suspect the POTUS and possibly many other “elected” officials are chosen before the election even starts. The Presidential election is most certainly a waste of time, because We the People’s voice has never counted in that election. We have deceived ourselves into believing that if we don’t get the President we want, all we have to do is vote our our Senator and Congressman. That’s almost like saying if I don’t get the dinner I want, I’ll elect a new parent. It simply doesn’t work that way. But I’m preaching to the choir.

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