The Kink Book1 min read

The Kink Book1 min read

The Kink Book by PenfistThe Kink Book is all about removing the veil of misinformation from the BDSM lifestyle. This self-help book is for people who are curious about kink or kinky people and who want facts and insights into what really happens behind closed doors.

This book is being written using direct input from people who practice a wide ranging variety of kinks. Containing real world stories and feedback from beginners to experts, you are sure to gain a better understanding of why people pursue BDSM. Whether you are just curious or seeking to improve your knowledge and practice of kink, The Kink Book is your first stop on the path to self-education.

Step into a world that goes beyond dungeons and whips. A world inhabited by people just like you that live their sexual fantasies in remarkable, deviant ways. In this book you will meet experienced kinksters who are building communities around what was once taboo. The Kink Book will show you what it means to explore sexual freedom in today’s society and give you everything you need to get started. Filled with friendly advice for newcomers, the knowledge within these pages will arm readers with information designed  to help safely explore kinky desires.

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