Dying doesn’t change our personality1 min read

Dying doesn’t change our personality1 min read

The full quote goes:

Dying doesn’t change our personality, it intensifies it.

The quote comes from a woman named Barbara Karnes, author of Gone From My Sight.

The driving force in my life is the quest for wisdom. That often comes from reading and writing. Through those two closely aligned processes, data is refined into knowledge that can be further refined into encapsulated lessons that we humans call wisdom.

I see the above quote as belonging to that third category of information called wisdom. Once you get to the end, it’s too late to change anything. You had the whole journey to do that. At the end, you’re already everything you were ever going to be.

Except more.

So every day, I ask myself, what did I do today that will make my ending’s intensity more meaningful to anyone who happens to go on after I stop.

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