DemonologyIn  hidden places that exist outside the known boundaries of the universe, a war between good and evil wages. In the heart of middle America a young girl is unaware that her life is a linchpin for the fate of all that will be. Born to a mother who constantly battles her own inner demons, Prudence’s existence is a string of lows and highs filled with tarnished love and epic disappointments. When her mother’s tragic passing forces her into a foster home that oozes unhappiness, Prudence finds herself completely alone, desperately seeking meaning and security. Her shattered world is soon turned upside down again as she is pulled into the adventure of her life by a lie.

On the other side of the mirror, Pru finds that the nature of the universe is very different from the stories she’s been told. Great forces are at work trying to upset the balance of things. She finds herself embroiled in an invisible war for the fate of the universe.

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